alto saxophone, bass clarinets, composition

SpinifeX MaXimus

10 year anniversary — spinifeX maXimus
In 2015 Spinifex celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a very special ensemble: spinifeX maXimus. The current quintet line-up, which has received enthousiastic reviews for the recent cd Hipsters Gone Ballistic, is still Spinifex Maximus’ nucleus and its defining force, but the ensemble is joined by seven extraordinary musicians from Europe and the US, opening the doors to an even wider range of dynamics, new orchestral colors, creative energy and joyful improvising.

Spinifex also released 2 new CDs --- 'Veiled' by the regular quintet and one in the 12-piece maXimus line-up --- plus we released a 5-CD album which includes a disc with previously unreleased live recordings (Spinifex Tuba Band, Indian Spin [FX] and Bollycore), re-issues of the Spinifex Orchestra 'Triodia' CD (2008) and the quintet CD 'Hipsters Gone Ballistic' (2013).
The CDs are available at TryTone,CDBaby and

Spinifex Maximus
Piotr Damasiewicz – trumpet
Tobias Klein – alto saxophone / clarinet
Jasper Stadhouders – guitar
Goncalo Almeida – bass
Philipp Moser – drums
Bart Maris – trumpet
Matthias Muche – trombone
Jeb Bishop – trombone
Pascal Rousseau – tuba
Edoardo Marraffa – tenor saxophone
Josh Sinton – baritone saxophone
Onno Govaert – drums

27 august Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück (D), try-out concert and cd recording
28 october soundsofmusic 2015, Vera, Groningen
29 october Brebl, Nijmegen (JIN)
30 october Paradox, Tilburg
31 october Hot House, Leiden
2 november Café Wilhelmina, Eindhoven (Axes)
4 november Tivoli/Vredenburg, Cloud Nine, Utrecht
5 november Bimhuis, Amsterdam
7 november Plusetage, Baarle-Nassau
14 january JOE Festival, Essen (special Ruhrgebiet edition)


“The fierce but thoughtful and entirely balanced arrangements of Spinifex Maximus had a constant pulse, which kept the unbridled anarchists together with an exstatic groove turned the whole thing into an addictive experience that many people will never forget.” (Erno Elsinga in Jazzenzo about the concert in Paradox, Tilburg)

“For 10 years, Spinifex has been one of the most adventurous jazz ensembles in- or outside of the Netherlands. Maybe jazz is too narrow a description of what Spinifex does. They mix jazz with avantgarde, metal and trash and then throw diverse ethnic musics into the mix, rhythms from different parts of the world such as the Balkans and India.” (moors magazine about the CD Spinifex 2005-2015)

“Again, they defy stylistic boundaries in a brilliant, challenging and intriguing manner. A tight but free sound. It just blows you away.” (Jan Willem Broek in De Subjectivisten about Spinifex Maximus)

“Brilliantly composed and executed … abounding creativity, highly recommended!” (Kris Vanderstraeten in Jassepoes about the Spinifex ‘Veiled’)

***** “The turmoil of Spinifex is festive, and despite all the external elements which they bring into their music, it is saturated by jazz, which means it has swing, the kind of phrasing that comes out of bop and hard bop, and developed into collective free music … fireworks.” (Rui Eduardo Paes in about the Spinifex CD Veiled)